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  1. DJs make or break a groove, no matter how great the crowd. On Saturday my friends and I ventured into a well known club in town. Boy was it crowded! We choose the stupidest spot to stand – at the entrance to the dance floor- where we got pushed, stepped on, and fondled. But then again, there was no space anywhere else. The music was great, if only the DJs (there were 4 on the console) could make up their minds. One moment it was House, then it was Jazz, then Salsa, then HipHop, then House, then R&B. Hello?! I mean we love dancing but we’re not THAT universal that one dance move can fit into each genre of music.
  2. Our policemen are bored. They pop up behind bushes with a Road Block whenever you’re freaking tired and need to get home to crash, and jack up your usual cabfare by a few dollars (hello midnight charge expensive hor!), just to shine their torchlight in your face, admire it for a few minutes if you’re pretty and then wave you off when they’re satisfied. The guys on duty last Saturday took their boredom one step further. They made my friends and I step out of our cab, took our IDs, radioed our info loudly to the HQ, and then wrote it down manually (for what?! Aren’t you already checking it on your system?). So there we stood, shaking our heads disbelievingly while we’re surrounded by about 5 policemen. They even searched the cab. Oh how sexy. After that they probably realised that we’re too old for them anyways and sent us on our way. Were they looking for druggies? “No, just… Crime Prevention.” HA.
  3. Mahjong is really all about luck. Cuz I won like, big time on Sunday. It has got to be luck.


Written by smudgi3

November 22, 2004, Monday at 15:06

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