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What do you mean superstitious… I AM the black cat!

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OK so maybe I got my superstitious gene from my mum. After all, she is the FengShui Queen. And I am a self-proclaimed modern woman of the millenium. But when it comes to Mahjong…

  1. Don’t touch my shoulder when I’m playing.
  2. Don’t text me in the middle of a game.
  3. Don’t ask me if I’m winning when I’m winning, you’ll jinx it.
  4. Don’t ask me if I’m winning when I’m losing, it’s just bad taste.
  5. Don’t ask me if I’m losing. Ever.
  6. Don’t stand behind me and comment about my lousy playing skills.
  7. Don’t be more superstitious than me, you’ll scare me.
  8. Don’t watch TV while playing.
  9. Don’t taunt me.
  10. Don’t distract me.

I’ve been playing Mahjong for all of, ooh 9 months, and I tell you, it has wriggled the superstitious gene out of me. Some say Mahjong (affectionately known as MJ) is a game of the mind – scheming, plotting and a bit of intuition. Some say it’s all about luck, and I tend to agree with this. You may have been playing MJ all your life, but when you’re down on your luck, the tiles just don’t come your way.

Now forgive me when I turn into a nasty bitch when I’m playing MJ, but really, it’s not about losing money. It’s all about losing. Imagine being on a winning streak when a text appears on your phone, asking if you’re winning the game so far. You reply, “touchwood”, while at the same time, trying to concentrate on the game. After that, all things just start going downhill, and you don’t win anymore rounds. WHAT A COINCIDENCE, I say.

It is an addictive game, and I suggest all to learn it. It is known to aid in slowing down Senile Dementia in the older folks. Just look at my grandma, as bright as ever. Be prepared to lose though. As my friend L says (and she’s been playing since she was 14), playing MJ is like going to school. You have to pay the neverending school fees, but sometimes you get a job and you get some money back. It’s like life.

Don’t ask me, I guess the meaning was lost in translation.


Written by smudgi3

November 15, 2004, Monday at 13:44

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