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Yesterday was J‘s birthday. As expected, there were lots of drinking and a little bit of cake smearing. J has a crazy boss, that’s all I wanna say. Oh, and did I mention that we went across the Causeway again? For some serious seafood this time. I think I had 2 whole crabs to myself. My inflammed throat was screaming in protest, but sorry Throat, Stomach needs an orgasm.

After dinner, we were driving around with the radio on, when E decided that she wanted to party. Since there were no violent objections, we went on our way. Suffice to say that after all that crab, I was feeling a bit corny. No relation at all I know but crabs make me corny. Or maybe the asparagus made me horny. I dunno. So though there was a minor jam, we made our way back to SG in a cheery mood.

Now I’ve been tempted to say that the clubbing scene here isn’t as it used to be. The girls aren’t babelicious anymore and the guys aren’t worth a second glance. The music (oh god the music) just doesn’t tickle my groovy bone, you know? And I’m someone who can dance to anything. We used to be pretty slutty about music (meaning we’d jump any platform once the music starts) but now we’re getting selective. Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that :

We are getting on our years.

We’re not old, yet, just.. not young anymore. We don’t fit into the crowd. We laugh at their dancing. For all we know, sticking your arses into the air and waving ’em like you just don’t care IS the ultimate coolest way to dance for guys now. And there we were laughing at them. And there are more girls getting dead drunk at clubs now, hugging everyone at a crowded dance floor and collapsing to the floor in the midst of dancing. It is the trend now you see, the girls need to get dead drunk in order for them to want to make friends with the ugly sober shite guys lurking around the corners.

I hope J had fun. After all, I was there. And she had loads of free alcohol. And she had friends around her. And she has a crazy boss. And she had many presents.


Written by smudgi3

November 13, 2004, Saturday at 14:50

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