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Tokyo – I can already smell you.

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It’s finally here. Today.

I can finally mention it.

I had to contain myself these days because first of all, J‘s not going with me and getting all excited about it around J would make me a mean bitch. Most of all, I didn’t want to jinx it yet again. I mean just look at how much They (depending on your religion) don’t want us to go on a holiday. Typhoons, earthquakes, storms, bad economy… whatever They could inflict on poor Japan, they did it.

People closest to me know I love Tokyo. My love for it is brinking on obsession I think. Someday when I’ve had it here, I’d pack my bags and go teach English there. It’s all the rage there now, you know. I could give private tuition.

To many people, Japan brings to mind expensive costs of living, unique fashion, weird hentai men, crazy innovations and sushi. Even if some people mention culture, it’s just lip service. It’s a mysterious city. It has a little of everything you can possibly imagine. Maybe that’s why it leaves me wanting more. I just can’t get enough of it.

Just go there once. I bet you’ll wanna go back.


Written by smudgi3

November 2, 2004, Tuesday at 09:25

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