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I’m going crazy…

Usually at this time, I’d be really antsy (literally, like, having ants in your knickers). Packing everything, making sure I forgot nothing, so I’d pack 2 of the same and maybe more. In fact I should have been all packed the moment I confirmed the air ticket (that’s about 2 weeks ago).

This time round, I’m taking it easy. Under my mum’s constant nagging, I started packing. It took all of 15 minutes. I keep thinking that’s all I need but I know I’ll miss out something. I dunno what caused this drift in me. Maybe I’m so experienced I’m cool, maybe I’m just sick of all the events leading up to this day.

It could have been a fun trip. But now my mum and aunt are tagging along. The ‘oldies’, I call them. Initially I thought my mum would make a good companion IF (that’s a big if) she helps a little with the accomodation costs. Well, actually she was the one who suggested it – that’s why we cancelled Bangkok just days from departure. So ok, that’s tolerable. And then later on, Mum decides that she can’t afford it after all, so to each her own. Bleh. Now she’s just a liability. AND she had to be all friendly and invite my aunt along. HELLO. I mean my aunt’s fun, but this is a girlie trip – not middle aged woman trip. Now I have to change my itinerary to suit their tastes. And I hate that.

No more Strawberry Daiquiris, no more checking men out, no more accidental expletives, no more enjoying. We’re just gonna be plain old – tourists.

I’m already missing the few times I went overseas with J.


Written by smudgi3

November 1, 2004, Monday at 23:58

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