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Had a really enjoyable day today. Didn’t do anything special but it felt good to be all alone once in awhile.

Went to collect my brand new passport. Success! My photoshopped mugshot looked alright! Yes, it was a photo I could live with for the next 10 years. I didn’t look gorgeous, mind, but I didn’t look hideous either. And that’s very important. Very pleased with myself.

Then I walked past Winsland House on my way to school, so I went for a look around the Loreal Sale going on there. 4 for $12?! Goodness. I bought FOUR mascaras, THREE lippies and a nail polish. All for $24. As I did some mental calculations on my way out, I almost choked on the amount of cash I have saved. The retail price for one of them mascaras is already $21.90. Woo hoo… By the end of their shelf life, let’s see if I have any eyelashes left. =P

My lecturer said I was good yesterday. Muahahahaha. My antagonistic law lecturer said I was good. That gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all over, though I was pretty tired at the end of the day. Imagine having a law lecture at 830pm on a Friday night. But I’m good. He named me the expert at the Doctrine of Ratification. So very pleased. Smiling even as I type this.


Written by smudgi3

October 30, 2004, Saturday at 13:27

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