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You know that ad for a certain photocopy paper? The one where the pretty chick goes to copy some stuff and then finds that there’s no more paper, so she climbs on top of the copier to get more from the cupboard above? And then a colleague comes along to wait in line for his turn to copy, but the pretty chick accidentally knees the ‘copy’ button, and the cheeky copier decides that it does have paper after all? Poor guy gets a knock on the head by a stack of papers, but hey, lucky him too. What on EARTH did he see?

Well, if I were the chick and I was wearing proper, sexy underwear, I’d probably just give the guy a wink and make him buy me lunch. Unless of course, I was wearing grannypants ala Bridget Jones, or going commando… *shivers (lol) But I still really really wanna know what he saw.

What would you wanna see?


Written by smudgi3

October 28, 2004, Thursday at 23:56

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