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Leaving 2004

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Caught the movie Leaving 2046. Actually the main reason why I decided to watch it was because it had a star-studded cast, well worth paying $8.50 for. Leaving the movie (excuse the pun), I felt disoriented. I knew the movie was trying to say something, something really intelligent, and obscure and revelating – but I couldn’t find it. Maybe it was because I went into the movie not hoping to find answers.

For J, the movie was full of pretty women and a really lucky man. Aaaa…nd, that’s about it. For C though, it was full of meaning, and that the messages in the movie were clearly trying to tell her something. Yeah, probably. After all, it was a story of lost loves, forbidden loves, unrequitted loves… Somehow when you’re not in love but want to be in love, everything that happens is a SIGN from God. Every song on the radio seems to be written for you or about you, every book you read seems to be written for you or about you, every movie you see somehow relates to you… I’m like that sometimes, and especially when I’m asking myself lots of questions, but can’t find the answers.

Searching. That’s what everyone is doing. Lost. Disoriented. So I guess the movie had its effect after all. 2004 has been a really lousy year. It’s not pure acceptance of the chinese astrologers and feng shui, things really haven’t worked out for me. I probably brought some bad luck onto those around me too. It’s almost the end of the year. I really hope that, leaving 2004, I’d find answers to questions that have been on my mind since forever.


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October 16, 2004, Saturday at 23:59

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