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I’m not one to recommend Jackie Chan movies. But this latest one you have to watch.

Still lots of slapstick, but coming from an uncharacteristic Nicholas Tse. Less tightly choreographed mindless fight moves. More eye candy, courtesy of Daniel Wu. Less number of bad guys involved, but still infuriating nonetheless. More character-acting, which says alot of Jackie Chan. Less dizzy camera scenes that kicks my motion sickness into action. More beautiful direction regarding story sequence, worth complimenting. Less painful stunts that have you clutching your groin in terror. More stunts that are credibly heartstopping. And most importantly – it has a plot. Ooooo yeah, three cheers to Jackie! This time, he gets the OK from me.

Well, try to catch it if you can. But no worries though, you can probably watch it during CNY (it always happens, doesn’t it?)


Written by smudgi3

October 12, 2004, Tuesday at 23:49

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