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MPV driver again.

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People are so self centred. I’m not going to generalize by saying that only people from my country are like that. I’m sure every country has black sheep among them. It’s really disheartening. I’m so embarassed sometimes, I look around unconsciously to see if any tourist was around to witness incidents.

I was at the bus stop outside PS waiting for a bus yesterday. Everyone who’s been there knows that that particular bus stop plays hosts to more than 10 different route buses, and approaching the weekend, when cars fill up the roads, it can be a really frustrating journey home. To add to the confusion, some genius (-es) have created an unofficial taxi queue about 5 metres before the bus stop. If you’re a righteous driver, you must realise what problems this could bring. So at that particular time, there were 2 groups of people getting into cabs, and one MPV parked before the bus stop, hazard lights blinking – obviously waiting for someone. From afar, 2 buses came, taking quite some time because instead of being able to drive straight through on the bus lane, they had to overtake maybe 3 cars parked at the ‘taxi queue’. The 2 buses managed to fit nicely at the bus stop, so that was fine. Remember that with many other cars on the other lanes, it was a pretty difficult task to overtake.

Before these 2 buses could move off, another 3 buses have come, taking their places behind the 3 cars which are in the bus lanes. So that’s Bus, Bus, MPV, Cab, Cab, Bus, Bus and Bus. When the lights turned green, the 2 front buses moved off. However, because the MPV didn’t, the other 2 cabs and the buses were still stuck at the back. After a few minutes, the 2 cabs managed to cut through the tight traffic, leaving the 3 buses stuck at the back. People who were waiting for those 3 buses were impatiently standing cross-armed at the bus stop, pressuring the MPV to move. The buses started a concerto with their honks, urging him on. From past experience, most cars would actually drive off to make a round before coming back to the same spot to wait, but no, Mr MPV stayed put.

As people started to shake their heads, 3 shadows started to make their way to the MPV, a guy and 2 ladies. Not sensing the pressure, they took their time walking to the waiting car, and the gentlemanly guy even opened the car doors for the 2 ladies before getting in himself. Really, there is a time and place to impress girls, you know. I positioned myself at the edge of the bus stop to shoot daggers at the driver (there’s nothing else I could do right?) and I overhead their conversation in the car.

Girl in front seat : “You waited long ah?”

Driver : “Not really la, but the fucker behind me kept honking so impatiently. Wait awhile will die ah?”

I was so shocked beyond words I almost missed my bus. Is he acting tough to cover up his embarassment or is he really so clueless?! I couldn’t believe I was witness to such an incident. I really wonder what living in SG is doing to such people. I suggest they get out of the country quick (if they’re one of those who complain about SG and how they wished they could live somewhere else where the government doesn’t give a damn about anything.). They must have buckled under the control of our government and turned rebelliously deaf and blind.

Unless you’re a fucking genius or have talents that are so rare our government can’t survive without you, we really don’t need this attitude.


Written by smudgi3

October 9, 2004, Saturday at 18:39

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