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Dancing Girl’s at it again.

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A while back, at 1 of the clubs I frequent at MS, I noticed a girl daninc on the dance floor. Well actually whoever’s still sober at that moment noticed her, and that’s like, 3 of us at our table. She really loved dancing I could tell. Perched on impossibly high heels, dressed in a mini, floaty black skirt and a skimpy top. Okay, so she looks like everybody else that night. It’s not her ample cleavage that attracted me, nor was I waiting for her to fall off her heels. I was watching her dance. She couldn’t.

Basically she was just frailing her arms about such that I wouldn’t want to be dancing next to her. She didn’t move around alot, I wouldn’t if I were in her shoes – literally. Then suddenly, she shrieked, loudly enough to be heard over the din. Oh, it was her favourite song by Tata Young. Instead of wondering why the song was being played here in the first place, I continued watching her from where I was sitting. It was that mesmerising. At the catchy chorus of the song, something shocking happened. She lifted up her skirt in the heat of the moment, at the climax of the song. It was a fast movement, probably part of the dance routine. At the flash of her undies, the 3 of us (the only ones watching her) looked at each other in astonishment – then laughed our lungs out. She was THE topic amongst us many days to come.

She was there again yesterday. Same skirt, same heels, same dance. We waited the whole night but we couldn’t catch a glimpse of her undies. maybe because THAT song didn’t come on. We had a fun time watching her all the same. R the expert on everything, said “From here dancing, I can tell that she must be the sort who does everything in bed, while the man lies like a starfish.” I could see why too, all the pumping she was doing. She was so close to the floor it looked like there was an imaginary man lying beneath her. This time round though, she had a bunch of friends with her. By observing their behaviour and dressing, it’s obvious that none of them were the party sort. So she gathered them onto the dance floor, AND TAUGHT THEM HOW TO DO IT. So towards the end of the night, you see maybe 5 of them, all with knees bent an almost 90 degrees, dancing like ducks on heat.

It was a fun night.


Written by smudgi3

October 8, 2004, Friday at 16:21

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