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Just when you thought things can’t get any worse, they do.

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How can the words ‘holiday’ and ‘stressful’ be used together in a sentence? They can. Planning a holiday can get stressful.

You’re worried about the budget, you’re worried about fully booked hotels, you’re worried about availability of air tickets, you’re worried about time management. You’re worried that you won’t have money when you come home, you’re worried that you won’t find a good hotel to stay in, you’re worried that you can find the cheapest rates for tickets, you’re worried that you can’t fit the entire city into a week.

It’s not that this is your first time planning it. Things just don’t seem to be working out. Indecisiveness, money, procrastination, time, money… It’s frustrating. Such a hellish prelude to a dream.

But I must struggle on.


Written by smudgi3

October 7, 2004, Thursday at 15:52

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