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I haven’t been posting for the past few days. I haven’t had the time to post at all. In fact, I didn’t even feel the urge to pick my nose, let alone come online. When I reach home everyday, I’ll wash up, do the mandatory phone call, and then pass out like a defeated wrestler. The symptoms are clear : I’m finally getting a life. (Ho ho ho)


N‘s ROM lunch @ Lao Beijing. It was a 12-course meal, can you imagine that?! Only 40 of her relatives and friends RSVPed but 48 turned up with irritating kids in tow. So inconsiderate. After managing to squeeze everyone into the really claustrophobic private room, the bride and the groom were left standing. Hahaha how iconic. Anyway being the good friends that we were, 3 of us volunteered to sit outside the private room with the other restaurant guests, just as long as we got whatever the people inside were getting. How sweet huh. You know how everytime at a wedding dinner, you had to strategize so that you get to eat your worth while being surrounded by 9 other like-minded vultures? Well, the 3 of us had the luxury of choosing whatever we wanted because we were served portions enough for 5 persons. In the beginning, we were really into the food. I mean, Peking Duck, all to ourselves! Then 4 dishes in, we realised we were too enthusiastic too soon, and were already filled up even before halfway through the course. Wrong move.


Bird Flu attacks Thailand – just when we’re halfway through confirming our trip there. What a jinx! First it was Hong Kong : I went down with stomach flu and HK went down with typhoons. Now it’s Bangkok : Air tix and hotel room can’t be confirmed. Sigh! Are C and I destined not to travel together?


Was late for morning class. First time in 4 years. I don’t like the feeling of walking into a class late and having the entire class look at me , and then having to find a seat amongst the selfish sleepyheads who think their schoolbags deserve a seat more than I do, and finally having to meet the stare of the lecturer who is upset that I just disturbed his train of thoughts. Not that it ever happened to me, but it happened to others and I was a witness. SO, I didn’t go for class. I went straight to Orchard and bought Macs brekkie for J. What a treat. It’s not everyday that I wake up in time for Macs Breakfast, you know. Moreover, it’s J’s last day at work, and I wanted to be there to be supportive and stuff. Nah that’s just all excuses, I just didn’t feel like school. Anyway I had a pleasant surprise when I went for the evening class. I had a new Soc Psy lecturer. Hurray! The previous one sucked. She made such a potentially fun class boring, and it was a torture to endure 1 and a half hrs of her droning. The new lecturer has 10 years experience teaching Soc Psy, and I’m sooo looking forward to his classes. His first introductory class was already fun! Yay!


I don’t have anything against Amercian lecturers. It’s just that I’ve been taught by UK lecturers for the past 3 years such that it now takes a real feat trying to get used to the accent (Texan, for God’s sake!) and difference in style. Org Theory by nature is already a real boring subject, and when you have a really irritating lecturer to go with it, it makes waking up on Friday mornings a real dread. I don’t know how I’m gonna survive the rest of the terms with Mr KFC. (That’s his nickname. Really. Same height, same hairstyle, same size, same same same.) I really don’t know what my school’s thinking. Mr KFC had expressed very explicitly that he doesn’t like the way our syllabus is managed, doesn’t like the texts UOL recommended, and doesn’t like the way the examiner sets the quesions (in that little shrilly, irritating voice that he has). How could the school have thought that an old Harvard could teach London’s LSE external students, especially when he doesn’t agree with the system? Sigh. Now that my Soc Psy is looking up, my Org Theory is sliding down the drain…


Remember Mr Married Man + Foreign Bitch Girlfriend from one of my earlier posts? They’re getting hitched today. Didn’t want to grace their matrimony with my presence except that I was being forced by my mum. Not everyone agrees with this marriage, mind you. Not me. Not my mum. Not my mum’s parents, who are his ex-wife’s (my dead aunt’s) parents. Not his own parents. Not his 2 kids if they knew what they were getting themselves into. They’ve just been bribed into it by pretty clothes and the excitement of having a new mum. If I had known better I would have regaled them with stories about stepmothers and their horrid ways. And latest I heard, their maid was sent home 2 days ago because she was caught stealing money. She even chalked up a thousand over dollars on phone bills. Actually I knew about her using the phone because I’ve seen her doing it secretly whenever I go over to their place. BUT it’s NONE of my business now, isn’t it? *smiles evilly. Well, I’m more excited about what happens after the dinner tonight. Meeting the guys at Wala Wala for some live music. God I miss that.

I have a life. Yay.


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October 2, 2004, Saturday at 13:14

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