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Bad Karma

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I think I’m a jinx to myself. There has to be no other explanations for this.

I’m extremely vulnerable to accidents, albeit mini ones, but still accidents all the same. Here’s just an excerpt from my list (there would be one if I wrote down every damn incident).

  1. Get elbowed on my way down an escalator, though there’s only me and the elbow-er on it.
  2. Get trampled on while I’m shopping (leisurely) with alot of space around me.
  3. Get impaled by umbrellas on a sunny day.
  4. Get my toenail broken (such that I had to remove it surgically) by a nerd clad in slippers.
  5. Get tossed around in a crowd as if I were body surfing in a rock concert.
  6. Get autodoors close in on me as if I were invisible.

Even J noticed this and used to look at me in wonderment everytime it happened. I’m the one who gets pushed, I’m the one who gets stepped on, even though there’re are other pple around me. The ultimate example of suay-ness. I’m a little claustrophobic and I hate crowds. Now I’m beginning to wonder if these behaviours are a results of my above mentioned suay-ness.


Written by smudgi3

September 27, 2004, Monday at 11:25

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