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All things happen for a reason part II

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This morning I had to download my lecture notes from my school’s intranet before I went to class. My powerpoint and printer decide to call today the “My User is an Idiot Day” and ruin my morning. The powerpoint wouldn’t register my changes and my printer wouldn’t print. When I finally left my house, it was half and hour later than usual.

So I raced to the bus stop, which was a 10 minute race away. And when I say ‘raced’, I meant ‘walk as quickly as my calves would allow, and still managing an Ooh-I’m-not-in-a-hurry look’. So I reached the bus stop in record time, already sticky with perspiration though I had just had my bath and it was a breezy morning. Then, it struck me. Imagine here : “Phew! Got here safe and sound, no white mpv honking at me for no reason. I’m gonna be late but never mind I’m in a good mood. Gasp! Fuck. I left my handphone at home.” The look on my face : The facial equivalent of flinging myself across the room. Just kill me!

So there I sat, contemplating if I should just go ahead anyways, I can live without my mobile for a few hours. And by the way, it’s the 2nd time in 2 weeks I left it at home. Then I wondered if I have enough money to actually go home, grab my phone, and hail a cab instead. Thinking and thinking, I started walking back home. Before I reached the gate, it was decided that I shall go home, skip school, print out all my impending notes, eat a proper meal at home for once, and catch up on all the shows I missed. See how fast I make decisions when it’s not about fashion or food?

Just 5 minutes ago, notes all nicely printed and stapled, I went to change out of my clothes and prepare for a tv-thon. Then I discovered that my period had quietly come 4 days early. As I stared at my stained thong, I smiled at it for the first time in 12 years. Usually it’s a snarl.


Written by smudgi3

September 21, 2004, Tuesday at 13:00

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