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Another one bites the dust.

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I got another invitation to a wedding celebration today. This time, another poly mate of mine’s getting hitched.

That’s N‘s in September, J‘s friend in October, E‘s would-have-been in November, and A‘s in December. I am sooo gonna be broke.

I’m kinda happy and excited for them, if not slightly envious. I’d love to be planning a wedding. Which girl hasn’t dreamt and organised her own wedding in her head since she was a teeny girl? No one can beat Monica from FRIENDS though. But don’t get me wrong : I’m envious about not being able to plan my own wedding yet. I’m NOT envious about getting married.

When I received N‘s sms to invite me to her ROM lunch, I was shocked. I was actually in the middle of class, but I couldn’t concentrate afterwards. I kept thinking : What? There goes another one. Are they absolutely sure? After all I’m their age and I’m not in a hurry. Think of all the commitments – car, house, loans, money… Look at what all that has done to E‘s marriage. And then I thought about our days back in poly. How N was practically wallpaper until she went for a makeover, how she suddenly became every guy’s dream girl, how she got picked up everytime we went clubbing, how close we were during our attachment at the hotel, how we celebrated our birthdays together… Oh yeah we share the same birthdate, but oh what different lives.

I know, move on, it’s been 5 years. But would you believe the cliche if I told you it feels like yesterday that we were behaving like teenagers? In a blink of an eye, we’re adults. Or maybe I’m not cuz I’m still studying and am not earning a steady income. Phew, I dun wanna grow up yet.

To all my friends getting married or thinking of getting married, especially if they’re around my age, I wish them happiness. But most of all, I wish them wisdom, patience, strength and lots of luck.


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September 17, 2004, Friday at 14:08

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