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The Terminal

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Caught the film. Did Tom Hanks put on all that weight for all his recent movies or is that his new image?

I kinda liked the movie because it didn’t have a perfect ending. Usually at the end of most sappy love stories I would roll my eyes and go “Yeah right”. This time I walked out of the theatre with red eyes and nose because it was a really heartwarming story. Every fool has his day, I guess. Yeah I look all tough and angry but I’m actually all mush inside.

I’ve also learnt alot of things from the movie.

  1. We are under surveillance wherever we are. Foucault, you were right.
  2. I love my airport. Eventhough it’s not as gigantic is JFK.
  3. Spielberg movies all have a “Going home” theme.
  4. Even one of the most sophisticated national security systems in the world has loopholes.
  5. I love my country. Eventhough it’s not as gigantic as USA.
  6. Even gorgeous women can have emotionally destructive relationships.

Yeah the movie is THAT good. Having said that, there are many areas of the movie that are left unanswered. I guess that’s probably due to the fact that the emphasis is on Viktor Navroksi and the effect he has on people. If anyone thought the movie was a comedy, they were very wrong. Yes, there were lighthearted moments, but it was due to the innocence of this foreigner to the system. This movie actually focuses on many serious issues. If you know where Spielberg stands politically, then you’ll paobably understand this film better.

I would prefer it more if the movie was more complete though.


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September 16, 2004, Thursday at 13:36

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