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Hail Takagi!

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I’m intrigued by all things Japanese, but this man took the biscuit : Toshimitsu Takagi

If you haven’t heard of him, where have you been?! I’m attracted to his insightful, morbid and sometimes very perceptual works. He of course, is the father of Takagism, the new revolution of multimedia. I’ve been ignorant of point-n-click games until someone introduced me to The Crimson Room. From then on I was hooked. Took me a few days, that game. Yeah I took awhile to get a hang of the game, but once you start, hell you can’t stop. Because of him, I must have conquered more than 10 point-n-click games now. I say go and try it (when you’re extremely free, of course), it’s fun. You might just become a believer of Takagism.

The Crimson Room His first and most popular.

The Viridian Room The second. Just as mystifying, with a tinge of horror.

The Blue Chamber The third. A small installation. Takes only a few minutes.

The Pink Prison. Coming Soon.

The Tangerine Room. Coming Soon.


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September 10, 2004, Friday at 13:45

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