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The Last Carpark

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Last night we went for dinner at the newly (well not really new anymore but I’ve never been there) renovated East Coast Hawker Centre for dinner.

It really looked great, all the ambience lighting and great wood decor. Befitting of a better name than food centre. There’re lots of stalls too, but disappointingly, the food was just average. I’m no food critic, but I like my food, so I can say that my stomach didn’t have an orgasm last night. Unappetising BBQ chicken wings, unappealing fried kway teow, okay BBQ stingray, chewy char siu… Nothing like the famous 85 Market (known to posers as Fengshan hawker centre). But really, that’s not my main point.

After that, feeling full but unsatiated, R drove us along the whole stretch of East Coast trying to find some fun. We raced some cars along the way, (being the showoff that he is and J cheering him on) irritated some BMW drivers (who honked at us first) then some Nissan Skylines (oh please, like what else but Takumi’s 86 could win that). Then we arrived at our destination : The Last Carpark. No not the last carpark, but THE last carpark. The unmarked carpark that’s situated at the end of the coastline. Where all the action’s at. Steamed up car windows, newspaper covered screens, cars that rock into the silence of the night… The absolute place to ‘catch monkeys’, so to speak.

We were really mean (maybe cuz we aren’t getting any action ourselves) so we drove slowly past all the cars, peering like idiots out of our windows. When we didn’t see much, we parked right in the middle of the carpark, wound down the car windows, blasted some music, and came out and stood around the car, chatting. R flashed his hi-beam at this car that we were targetting at, hehe so mean. R and I even caught sight of a man sitting in the shadows of his car, smiling inanely (or looking really pleased). Either he’s mad, a ghost, or was receiving really good fellatio, we don’t know, cuz when we turned back for a second look he wasn’t there anymore. Probably moved to the backseat for some parallel tango.

Really, is it really that exciting to do it in a car? There’s such an obvious lack of space, unless of course, you’re driving an MPV or a van. Why couldn’t they just fork out $50 for a night at a comfortable hotel. Too sleazy? Then what’s to make of a secluded carpark… Really first class? Hmm I guess I’ll never know until I’ve tried it LOL.


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September 3, 2004, Friday at 11:55

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