stripped bare

If your mouth was big enough I’d take your car and shove it right up til the fuel oozed out of your nostril.

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I just about have it up to here about people who complain about expensive car fuel, especially when I’m a passenger in the car. I mean, if it’s such a chore to have an extra person in the car, then don’t offer to send them home all the time, and don’t suggest to go somewhere which is inconvenient for them to go home, and don’t invite them for a car ride. Sheesh.

It’s worse when you offer to pay for their fuel at their next top up (which always happens when I’m in the car) or buy them drinks, and then they tell you, “It’s just a joke la! Kidding only, don’t take it to heart.” If that thought wasn’t on your mind, you wouldn’t have needed to use that topic as a joke right? Then the times when I tell them that it would be inconvenient for them anyways, so I would rather take the cab, they’ll say, “Never mind la, what’s the car for? Singapore’s so small, everywhere’s on the way.” Don’t try be an angel if God didn’t give you wings.

If you can’t afford it, don’t use your car to pick girls up or to get in anyone’s good books. Your true stingy colours will reveal themselves soon enough.


Written by smudgi3

September 2, 2004, Thursday at 00:10

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