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I should HAVE been getting my results today.

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Nope, yesterday wasn’t the day of reckoning. That’s why I’m still here. My results should have been in since school already started yesterday but maybe things were hectic over at London. So I thought maybe it would come today.

Well at least I found out that the mailman comes to my place at 1400hrs. J suggested that I wait downstairs for the mailman, but no thanks, I’m not so keen on dying that I wait downstairs for the Devil to deliver the news directly to me. So today I stared at my comp, played some braincell-killing games to take my mind off things and control the muscle tics under my eyes (it’s bad luck, I just know it). At 1430hrs, I walked briskly to my room to get the keys and decided to go meet my fate. While waiting for the lift to take me to B1 where my mailbox is, I dropped my keys 3 times. It must have been the body spasms. When I closed my eyes to pray I only see four words. No it’s not PLEASE LET ME LIVE. It’s FAILED FAILED FAILED FAILED. Well ok, so that’s actually one word repeated 4 times.

So as I shivered to insert the key into the keyhole (it took 4 tries, mind you), I whispered a silent prayer. I took out 4 letters. NONE of them for me. Is this some kind of sick joke?! First my bank scared the shit out of me by posting some mooncake vouchers to me yesterday, making me think that it was my exam results, and now NO mail for me? And now my school is threatening that if I don’t pay some of my tuition fees BY today I’m no longer a student there, when I only started school yesterday?!

It’s a conspiracy. I just know it. Let’s see how long they play this game. I’ll check my mail everyday. Sleep and eat less everyday. Laugh and smile less everyday. Until I get my results. And that’s when I die. So hopefully by eating less and sleeping less, I die skinnier. Then at least all this is worth it.

I’m beginning to talk rubbish.


Written by smudgi3

August 31, 2004, Tuesday at 15:30

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