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God moves in wonderous ways.

Yesterday morning my mum reminded me about a spa voucher that I had won a few months back. I had totally forgotten about it, especially about where I had left it. Vaguely recalling that the voucher was only valid til end August, I mentally told myself to find it soon. But of course I tell myself that all the time, but am just too lazy to do anything about it. Moreover, my room was just too… well, you know, everything’s in its place, I don’t like moving things around. And it’s cosier this way. Read : Drawers stuffed with unknown items last seen a century ago. Books and notes stacked precariously on shelves which are threatening to give way. Breeding a population of dustmites that is pushing China off the top spot, and who are now deciding to name me the founder of their new country, Dustutopia.

To cut the long story short, a series of events led me to feel really low in the afternoon. And when I’m low, I shop. Since it was a Sunday, I won’t get my fat ass into the crazy crowd just to get my freshly painted toenails stepped upon. So when I’m low and desperate but can’t get my hands on new things, I throw away old ones. I started packing my room. Sometimes I enjoy clearing out my room cuz I get find things that I’ve forgotten about. It’s like a sweet discovery of your life. This time, my mission was to find my long lost spa voucher. Hell, I needed a spa, like, last month. So I searched my drawers, upset my letter corner where I usually keep my bills and stuff, emptied this big red garbage bag of whoknowswhats at the corner of my room (those who have had the honour to be in my room might have noticed it). It had been there since CNY. I know I know, but it’s gone now alright?? The stuff’s all gone, upgraded and downsized to an Isetan paperbag ok? And I still hadn’t found the voucher. As I dragged the garbage bag out of my room, my mum took one look at it and rolled her eyes. I told her I couldn’t find the voucher and she started nagging about my untid… I mean, cosy room.

When I stepped back into my room to admire the newfound space in my room and sulk over my forgetfulness, something made me pull out a plastic folder where I keep all my important correspondence from schools and banks. Once I clicked it open, there it was, my elusive $200 spa voucher, the envelope gleaming. As I hugged it in delight, a thought passed through my mind. Even though it was kept neatly and safely away in a file, I think I wouldn’t have thought to look there if I hadn’t cleared out that … (okay, MESS alright?) first.

It’s just God’s way of motivating me and telling me that he’s watching over me.


Written by smudgi3

August 23, 2004, Monday at 14:15

Posted in Dear Diary

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