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Rage against the Married men

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I feel like I could kill someone right now. What makes it worse it that no one cares to listen.

Men piss me off. Especially married ones. Well, I haven’t actually had the chance to fuck one and spend his wife’s money, but I’ve already encountered 2 such scums of the earth. My mum should really thank all the deitites she prays to for having the fortune of being the recipient of my dad’s unconditional love. Regardless of all the mental, physical, verbal and gastronomical abuse she puts my dad through, he still finds space in his heart for tolerance.

My mum had 2 younger sisters. Both died young. Both had chosen disgusting men for partners. My first aunt was engaged when she passed away. She left her house (of which she paid entirely with her own money) to the man she loved. Less than a month after she went, that man brought another woman into their matrimonial home. Well that’s another story that could go on and on. The reason for my rage today has to do with something else.

My second aunt already had 2 young children when she passed away. Apparently, her husband was so stricken by her death he couldn’t take proper care of the kids. So my grandparents had to take over. It’s a good thing that we all stay in the same postal code, so it was easy to look out for each other. Less than a year later, that man brought home a woman. She was about 10 years younger than him, dislikes children, adore branded items, lived in Malaysia. But for him, she’ll make do. Why, you wonder? Because he gave her a supplementary card (my aunt left a sizeable amount of money to that man), promised not to force her to have children, promised to ferry her to and fro Malaysia every weekend. Up til now, she has refused to meet my grandparents, nor that man’s parents. Both sides are utterly disgusted with her. But she seems unaffected. Maybe because once she’s had her fun she’ll leave that man anyway. How do we know all these? Of course my resouceful grandma had a spy. It used to be their maid. Strangely she was sent back to her country for no reason about half a year ago by that man. One could only wonder why.

I tutor the older of the 2 cousins, though she’s only in P2. Her results are terrible. My mum says it’s because she doesn’t have a mother to help her with her work. Which I agree, because her father says he doesn’t want to stress his kids out and his new girlfriend doesn’t interact with them anyway. So I did the sisterly thing and agreed to tutor them for next to nothing. But recently, that woman had started to show an interest in the kids’ education. She bought loads of multiplication tables charts (I dunno why, since each chart says the same thing anyways) and loads of assessment books for her. It’s alright actually, I mean, my cousin has been doing the books that I bought ever since I started with her. Except that that woman insists that my cousin does the homework that SHE gives her. So everytime I go over, the work I gave my cousin sits undone. That’s still alright. Until today.

I went over in the morning and I see my cousin doing her school work at her table. I had given her some work to do last week, which was of course, lying there undone. Before I could say anything, she said

“I can’t do your home work cuz I have a lot of work to do. [That woman] asked me to finish the work that she gave me and Papa asked me to do all these chinese school papers. Everyday must do. He said next time no need to teach me all those English tenses and Hanyu Pinyin already because waste time only. You just concentrate on Maths can already.”

Waste time?! All those things I’ve been painstakingly teaching her til my veins pop out of my neck are a waste of time?! All those mornings I spent groggy and tired, having to drag my complaining body out of bed, sometimes even on weekends, were a waste of time?! In the first place, it was my grandfather’s request for me to find time to teach her, and even so I was very reluctant, for then I would have less time for myself. My mum had to practically bribe me to do it. I’ve never heard that man thank me for my efforts. Sometimes I even had to wait for more than half an hour outside his door for them to come from from their weekend trips to the market because he had overestimated the time. When I questioned my cousin if she had forgotten that she had tuition that morning, she said “I remembered! But Papa said never mind let you wait awhile won’t die”. The cheek!

I was so pissed today and had taken it out on my cousin, and that I regret now. After all it’s not her fault that her father has sperm for his brains and a dick for his skull. I had thrown all the books that I bought for her onto the floor and then took them with me when I left. My parting words to her were “Since your father said that you’re so clever you don’t need these books I’ll bring them home and burn them.” Nah I won’t. I’ll keep it til that man dies and burn it to him.

I’ve never had such disrespect for anyone in my family before and I’m so disgusted that I had called him Uncle. For a long time I haven’t greeted him nor acknowledged his existence. He could be lying there haemorrhaging to death for all I care. I hope he gets some incurable disease that causes his cock to secrete pus whenever he ejaculates and hurt like 1st degree burns whenever even a finger strokes his cock.

That’s for crossing my path.


Written by smudgi3

August 18, 2004, Wednesday at 14:15

Posted in Insanity

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