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Isis the universal goddess

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Goddess worship could be traced back to at least 35, 000 BC, and as such, it can be claimed that goddess worship is the oldest of the world religions, having a history and heritage that stretches back into the mists of time itself. The Goddess was associated with the moon from ancient times. This association is bound in from the bodily cycles of the female and the lunar cycles of the moon, and also with the fact that the moon has 3 phases – waxing, full, and waning – corresponding to the 3 phases of the Goddess : maiden, mother, and crone. Each of these goddess phases have a distinct purpose and value. The maiden represented youth, sexuality, and vigor; the mother represented the embodiment of female power, fertility, and the nuturing impulse; the crone represented experience, compassion, and above all, wisdom.

How to(or not to) worship a Goddess you see at a bus-stop :

  1. Make sure you get her attention. But don’t do anything stupid like start doing pushups at her feet and counting loudly. She’ll just think you’re trying to look up her skirt, you pervert.
  2. Try to get close to her. But don’t wait creepily by the bus door and squeeze alongside with her up the bus, and then scratch her with your EZLink card. That’s just not cool.
  3. Make sure you smell like a Sex God when you sit next to her. Not squash her breathless to the side of the window and attempt to stick to her with your post-pushup arms when you’re smelling like a Sweat God.
  4. Seduce her with your sense of style. A white T-shirt, dark blue jeans and white sneakers can be stylish if you are Usher. Not when your white tee is almost grey, your jeans are too short, you’re wearing white socks, and your kiwi-ed sneakers are the types I wore when I was in school.
  5. Try subtle body contact to get her attention. But don’t inch closer to her when she’s obviously wishing she’s at the other side of the window, instead of being stuck next to you. You’re not that bulky, you poser, you don’t need 3/4 of the seat.
  6. Smile and walk away suave if she rejects your advances. Not make disgusting noises when she screams at you to stay away from her. Thank god you ran off the bus fast enough or I swear the bus-driver would have caught you in time.

Today, the veneration and understanding of goddess energy and spirituality are once more to the fore. In the millennia of modern human beings’ existence, the figure of the goddess has been omnipresent. I suspect that as long as mankind will walk this planet, this will be the case. The goddess can truly claim to be the original and oldest deity. – Simon Cox, Cracking The Da Vinci Code


Written by smudgi3

August 10, 2004, Tuesday at 14:30

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  1. Thanks for the advice…; ) I’m not real sure what I just read but it seemed interesting. – Coral Connor


    August 10, 2004, Tuesday at 14:52

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