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"Oh yes, I’m the Great Pretender."

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My mum’s in the shipping business and my dad is in the airline business. My family resides in an executive condominium. I have a room to myself and sleep on a king-sized bed. As far as I can remember, my dad has changed cars 4 times. In primary school, a school bus would fetch me to and from school. It was only in secondary school that I learnt how to take public transport. In the early secondary days, my dad would fetch me to school every morning. It was only after I persuaded him to give me some independence that he allowed me to take public bus with my friends. Once a year, we would travel during the school holidays. I’ve been travelling since I was 3, which I think is very silly because I don’t even recall those experiences. So far, I’ve been to the US, Australia, Hong Kong and I count Japan as my favourite country. I’ve been there more than 10 times and I still can’t get enough of it.

Question: Do I sound like a rich bitch?

I don’t know how open minded you are but damn! Seeing it from another’s point of view it’s no wonder people think I hail from some wealthy family. All I did was omit some facts. You see, my mum has been working in the same company for 27 years. She was only made Section Head a few years ago. My dad’s also been with his company for a long time. He’s been to almost every department in the company and he’s finally settled down in Sales, where he’s been bullied by his Dickhead of a boss. We’re staying in an exec condo in a residential area in the east, surrounded by HDB flats. Very few people realise it’s a condo because we sort of blend into the flats. But that’s alright. I’ve got a nice, unobstructed view of Suntec.

I used to share my tiny room with my bro, but since the computer arrived, he has migrated to the other room, leaving me with 2 super single beds. The only logical thing to do was to pull the 2 beds together into a Hollywood twin. Hence the King Sized Bed. My dad switch cars out of convenience. We went from a small Honda, to a 2nd hand Honda, to a 2nd hand Lancia to the Toyota that we have now, and of which my dad is still paying his ass off. My dad used to fetch me to school because my bro’s school was just next to mine, so again it was more feasible for my dad to fetch us there. We travel every year because my dad gets concession tickets with the airline he’s working for, so duh, we travel more out of kiasu-ism than because we have spare cash to throw.

Moral of the story : Lying by omission is good. It can make you sound really upperclass if you want to.

I don’t own a single piece of LV, Prada or Gucci, not even a low-grade imitation. I shop at Mango and Zara, only when the big ‘70% End-Of-Season Sale’ sign is up. 50% of the clothes I own have no brands, another 20% from auctions, and the rest I don’t even remember where I picked them up from. Probably at some sale too. Some people say I look and behave rich. That’s because they don’t know me well. Just ask my closest friends. They know how cheena I am. I look the way I look because I carry myself well. There’s no one I can attribute this to, except to my school, which thought me poise and confidence in speech. And maybe because I do have a sense of style, I choose clothes which have classic cuts and hide the flaws well (I hope?).

The first impression I give to people is that I’m really stuck up and that I’m fierce. That’s because I was born with a poker face, and I find it inane to have a smile on my face when there’s nothing to smile about. People usually think I’m a rebelliously wild person, who smoke and drink and club alot. I’m never rebellious, I just have my own opinions. I’m surrounded by people who can drink and do smoke alot, but only my friends know I’ll never touch a ciggie with a yardstick. I won’t even touch a cig pack when my friends ask me to pass theirs to them. If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that I don’t like drinking either. I club alot mainly because I love music and dancing. I can dance 3 hrs straight without drinking a sip of water if the music’s good. (That’s why clubs hate me.)

See how deceiving looks can be? And woah, one sure can talk when they’re talking about themselves, huh?


Written by smudgi3

August 5, 2004, Thursday at 14:10

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