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SG is boring. Expensive, crowded and boring. My friends and I have run out of places to go and things to do. There’s gonna be a long weekend soon, and though we started thinking about it 2 weeks ago, we still can’t decide where to go. Moreover, everywhere’s gonna be really crowded, and the last thing we want is to be jostling with the herded sheep and fighting for oxygen.

We had initially wanted to go to the zoo. But R‘s gf A‘s gonna be hauling ass to Bangkok on Friday, we can’t leave her out of a sunny day at the zoo, can we? The thought of leaving SG did come, but even if we wanted to, KL’s all booked out. The next idea was to book a hotel room, maybe watch some dvds and boogie the night away. I’ve even come up with the idea (actually, suggestion from my dad) of a sleepover at my place – so juvenile! Thankfully I have loud music and enough bottles of vodka to make it all adult. Ish. C then suggested a picnic at Sentosa, but then she has plans to go partying the night before that. Imagine having to wake up for a picnic when you have just barely slept the night away. So that’s out. How pathetic.

Now if we had a bank vault bursting with gold coins, we’d be wining and dining without a care in the world. If there were problems, it would be a different story altogether : Which country to go? Which restaurant to be seen at? Which hotel suite to book? But of course, we’re more likely to have oxidised silver coins jingling in a piggybank. So maybe it’ll be just some cheap wine and coffeeshop dinner. How frustrating. it’ll be a long weekend, surely we have to do something different. I hope we’ll not end up doing what we have been doing almost every weekend now, clubbing, or watching anti-climatic movies, or playing pool, or hanging out at 24hr McD’s. Please guys, anything but these.


Written by smudgi3

August 4, 2004, Wednesday at 11:57

Posted in Dear Diary

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